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Chair Yoga Workshop

Chair Yoga Workshop

Thursday, July 9th @ 2pm
Free Class
Streaming Live on YouTube

Yoga in a chair! Breathe, stretch, strengthen, and relax all while seated 🙂

This class is great for anyone who wants a gentle practice to do while seated (on a plane, on a train, on a boat…before you vote).

Additionally, chair yoga is a great option if you are:

  • looking for a gentle start for a home fitness routine
  • dealing with hip/knee/ankle issues
  • unsteady on your feet
  • have issues that prevent having your head below your heart

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DIY yoga props

Prop Workshop

Thursday, June 18th @ 5:30pm
Free Zoom Class
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I firmly believe that every body is built for yoga.

Online yoga is here to stay so let’s make sure we have the right tools and skills for practicing at home.

In this free workshop, we’ll flow through a practice that includes the hows, whats, whys, and whens of using props to make every practice work for your body.

Virtual Goat Yoga

Watch the Replay on YouTubeGoat Yoga at Smiling Hill Farm in Maine

Feeling bummed that you can’t head to smiling hill farm to snuggle the baby goats until at least June 🙁 Well dry your tears my friends because I am bringing the farm to you!

Enjoy a goat yoga class with all the adorableness of the baby goats and non of the goat poo on your mat!🤣 - rolling on the floor laughing emoji Coordinate and watch with your mom or your daughter for some special mother’s day fun!

Streaming live as part of the free weekend workshop series 🙂 Subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on Facebook to make sure you get all the streaming updates.

Bonus! Don’t skip the smiling hill after Goat Yoga ice cream treat! The barnyard is open from 10-6 for curbside pickup. Check the Smiling Hill FB page for details

Free Online Yoga workshops with Ashley Flowers Yoga in Portland Maine

The Power of Sound

Watch the recording

Interested in learning more about the chants you hear in your yoga classes? Want to include chanting in your meditation practices?

Settle into the power of sound while we learn and chant together!

We will go over the basics of chanting and learn some Vedic chants and their meanings.

Streaming live on the Ashley Flowers Yoga Facebook Page as part of the free weekend workshop series 🙂

Free Online Yoga workshops with Ashley Flowers Yoga in Portland Maine

Yoga Nidra

Saturday, April 25th @ 4pm
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Discover a new way to relax with Yoga Nidra.

Practiced lying down, Yoga Nidra is for every body regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. This is not a physical exercise but rather a technique for physical rejuvenation, mental relaxation, spiritual growth, and overall wellness.

You will be guided through various breathing, body scanning, and visualization techniques that take you into deep states of relaxation and integration.

Japa Mala

Sacred Sādhanā

Friday, April 17th
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Sacred – extremely important, deserving of reverence or respect

Sādhanā (sanksrit) – A means of accomplishing something

Come together to celebrate the 108th day of the new decade! 108 is a sacred number in the yogic tradition. Come learn more about this philosophy and how you can apply it to your daily practices so that you can ‘accomplish something important’.
Class will include a discussion of daily practices of reverence and respect, a chanting practice, and a physical practice.

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Pranayama: The Power of the Breath

Saturday, April 11th
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Cleanse, balance, and rejuvenate with ancient breathing techniques. Good for body, mind, and spirit!

Learn about the theory of prana (energy) and how to use the breath to move prana  in the body for greater health and wellness! This is a great class for folks who struggle with strength or mobility but are still interested in yoga or for folks who are looking to deepen their yoga practice.

Free and streaming live on facebook 🙂

Mini Self-Massage Workshop

Self Massage Workshop
Sunday, April 5th
10:00 am - 10:30 am (ish)
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Learn quick and easy techniques to release tension from the feet and stress from the mind with grounding self-massage.

Ganesha Puja

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Ganesha – elephant headed Hindu deity who is the remover of obstacles

Puja (sanskrit) – ritual or ceremonial worship to earn blessings of a certain deity/energy

Like we might do a rain dance to call in the rain, I will perform (to the best of my ability) a Ganesha Puja to remove obstacles from our collective path. Come for the whole thing, come for a portion, or perform the ritual with me at home. Let’s clear away the obstacles our world is facing and invite in a new era of health, happiness, kindness, and love.