June 28-30, 2019
@East End Community School

I’ll be offering yoga classes at MYF for adventurers and seekers who wish to weave their yoga practice into the call of the Sea.


SUP Yoga: Vitamin Sea

Early in the morning the water tends to be calm and the world is still quiet. Find your inner stillness in this peaceful hour through the gentle movement of the water.

Practitioners of all levels will rediscover the meaning of balance with a slowly building practice.

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry,
Smell the sea, and feel the sky,
Let your soul & spirit fly…”

SUP Yoga:
Embody the Ocean

Discover a practice that is as dynamic as the ocean! Sometimes fast and sometimes calm, always peaceful and playful. This floating practice will give you a new awareness of your body and mind as with flow through challenging postures.

This class is best for practitioners with some prior experience!

“Though all rivers flow into it, the sea never overflows”

Yoga at Fort Gorges

Combining two of my favorite activities, paddling and yoga, Yoga at the Fort blends the strength and serenity of paddling with the quiet calm of Yoga in historic Fort Gorges.

The yoga class is suitable for all ages & abilities. The kayaking part of the trip is great for all skill levels — even first-time kayakers.

Kayak and paddling gear included.