If you enjoy a good yoga class and a relaxing massage, you will LOVE Thai Yoga Bodywork!

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Ashley offers a profound sense of peace and well-being. Bringing together her study of yoga, anatomy, and Reiki, these sessions offer an experience that releases deep rooted tension and stress to bring about greater levels of relaxation and joy. You get the stretching of a yoga class, the rejuvenation of a massage, and the feeling of lightness that comes with energy work. Sessions are performed with the client fully-clothed resting on a mat on the floor.  Clients consistently say that during their Thai Yoga Bodywork session they feel more relaxed than they have ever felt before.

Ashley completed her level 1 and 2 Thai Yoga Bodywork certification through the Shiva Shakti School in Maine under the expert guidance of instructors Krishna Peter Perry and Sadie Landry.

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  • $75 for a 60 minute session
  • $90 for a $90 minute session

*Additional $15 – $25 fee for house calls

As described by ShivaShakti, “Thai Yoga Bodywork, is an ancient form of hands-on manipulation with roots in the Buddhist temples of Thailand, Yogic practices of India, and Traditional Medicine from China.Through assisted yoga postures, and acupressure along the energy lines an even flow of life force energy through the mind and body is restored and rejuvenated. The Thai Yoga Bodywork taught through ShivaShakti comes from the northern style Thai massage from the lineage of  the International Thai Massage School.”