Being a super sniffer is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great when you are smelling the roses and terrible when you can smell that the dude sitting 5 rows ahead of you on the plane just took his shoes off. I started using essential oils (EOs) because it is better when the world smells nice!

I kept using doTERRA oils because they helped when weird skin things popped up, when my partner was struggling with motion sickness, when my dad’s hands hurt from that run in he had with the saw blade, when my mom had a hard time sleeping, and the list goes on. For all those reasons, plus the fact that they taste great and are safe to use internally, I love my doTERRA essential oils. You might see them make an appearance in Thai Bodywork sessions or yoga classes. If you want to know more, I would love to talk you about it 🙂

Why doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA is a transparent company that has an incredible social mission. Their oils are not cut with any other ingredients and they guarantee the same high-quality potency in each bottle.

Each doTERRA EO is carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol and if the oil doesn’t meet the standards of potency and purity they are not sold.

How to Use

EO’s can be diffused in the air, applied directly to the skin, or ingested depending on the oil and desired outcome. They are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness outcomes.

Check out this free ebook for for an introduction to Essential Oils.

Learn more about personalizing oils to your health and wellness needs! Catch me after class, add EO’s to your private yoga or thai bodywork session, or plan an essential oil party with your friends!

Get Your Own

doTERRA works on an MLM model. Since essential oils are potent plant extracts you can get the most benefit from your oils by being trained by an experienced mentor .

If you want to make essential oils part your journey, I would love to help! If you want to talk about how to get started feel free to reach out to me directly:) If you want to just dive in, I recommend this kit. It is the one I started with and I love it. If you sign up through the “this kit” link above, I’ll reach out to see how I can support you after you order.